Scars |


As of today, my divorce is final. It’s the end of an era, and I have mixed feelings about it all.   Of course, the biggest part of me is relieved that the divorce is over with. But another part of me is sad that no matter what I did, I couldn’t save my failed […]

Lost in Translation |

Lost in Translation

Life has been more than a little chaotic for us lately. We have been rushing around, traveling, and doing all these things but life has been emotionally chaotic in our house for a while, too. Some reasons are kind obvious, such as the divorce, and some have not been obvious to anyone because we’ve hidden […]

Little Wonders |

One Foot In Front of the Other

Oh, Facebook. You always know how to get me right in the feels with On This Day. This morning, thanks to On This Day, I came across an old blog, written 5 years ago on my 10th wedding anniversary. I admit it; I cried. I knew today was going to be hard… I’d been warned […]

Taking a Backseat

Hey y’all! It feels like forever since I last wrote, and I’m so sorry for that. Ever since moving to Missouri, life has been crazy and I am still not totally getting the hang of things. My work schedule is insane, because not only am I balancing my photography and graphic design business with raising […]

Here’s To Us

Happy New Year, everyone! How did you ring 2017 in? I celebrated with some of my best friends, playing cards and having fun together for the evening. I hope however you spent your evening, you had a great night! As usual, this time of year always leads me to reflecting about the year and how […]

This Way, Santa! |

This Way, Santa!

Every year, there are must have gifts all the kids want. Last year it was hoverboards, and then they all started catching on fire and exploding and stuff. A couple years back, we saw the return of the Furby, and all the kids were freaking out for one. This year, apparently Hatchimals are the it […]