Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants. |

A Real Parent

From the moment I became a mom 15 years ago, my life’s course completely changed. Suddenly my life was no longer about me; it revolved completely around the tiny little girl I held in my arms.¬† Over the years, I’ve given up many things for the sake of my three children. For years I gave […]

Lost in Translation |

Lost in Translation

Life has been more than a little chaotic for us lately. We have been rushing around, traveling, and doing all these things but life has been emotionally chaotic in our house for a while, too. Some reasons are kind obvious, such as the divorce, and some have not been obvious to anyone because we’ve hidden […]

Taking a Backseat

Hey y’all! It feels like forever since I last wrote, and I’m so sorry for that. Ever since moving to Missouri, life has been crazy and I am still not totally getting the hang of things. My work schedule is insane, because not only am I balancing my photography and graphic design business with raising […]

Let's Go Shopping |

Let’s Go Shopping

Hey, friends! Today the site has been updated to restructure the menu a little bit. I’ve moved PRODUCT REVIEWS underneath BEAUTY, and I’ve added a new category for “miscellaneous” things, such as my AFFILIATES page. One new addition that I’m soooo¬†excited about is my new shop!! I’ve created an Amazon store where I will add […]

Old Navy is now selling WHAT?! |

Old Navy Is Now Selling WHAT?!

Old Navy has been one of my favorite stores for years. Their clothes are comfy, stylish, and budget-friendly, and my kids absolutely love all the awesome goodies near the cash register, such as candy, super cute steel water bottles, and more. you asked, so we made #KindredGoods, our exclusive private label of 5 beauty products: […]