Taking a Backseat

Hey y’all! It feels like forever since I last wrote, and I’m so sorry for that. Ever since moving to Missouri, life has been crazy and I am still not totally getting the hang of things.

My work schedule is insane, because not only am I balancing my photography and graphic design business with raising my kids, I’m also working as a substitute teacher at our local school district. I love both jobs, and working is keeping me busy and paying my bills so I am happy for that. I am, however, still looking for a full-time 9-5 job with benefits and insurance, because once my divorce is final I’ll no longer have health insurance and that’s a big deal. So there’s that.

My son’s sleep schedule is pretty much nonexistent. Since moving here, he has not been sleeping well at all. I’m not sure if it’s being in a new house, or all the changes overall in his life that are disrupting him, but getting him to go to and stay asleep a night has been an all out war in our house. In fact, I go with less than 5 hours of sleep a night most of the time, which makes functioning as an adult kinda hard, but I’m doing it. It’s hard and it sucks a lot of the time, but I catch naps when I can and power through when I can’t. Such is the life of an autism mom.

My girls are loving their new schools and are getting involved in extracurriculars, which is exciting but also leads to being even more busy than we already are. I don’t mind, though, because seeing them involved and making friends in the area is amazing. I’m so happy they’re adjusting so well to their new life in this small town.

Because I have been so busy, BrittFaced has taken a backseat to everything else. I hate that, but I really, really don’t have much time or energy to write much right now. Maybe once I get on a more established schedule I will, but for now I hope you guys will enjoy and appreciate the rare blogs I do write, and continue to follow me on Facebook to see the stuff I share there. These days it’s a lot easier for me to click “share” when I find awesome beauty articles or products I’d like to pass along to my friends, so I post there a lot more than here at the moment.

So anyway, this is me apologizing and explaining my reasons for letting the blog go a little bit quiet. I hope you can understand and support me! 🙂

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