This Way, Santa!

Every year, there are must have gifts all the kids want. Last year it was hoverboards, and then they all started catching on fire and exploding and stuff. A couple years back, we saw the return of the Furby, and all the kids were freaking out for one. This year, apparently Hatchimals are the it toy.

This brings me to ask… what was the most awesome present you ever received as a kid? I’m talking about that one gift you begged and begged for and didn’t think you were going to get, but somehow Santa pulled through and you got it??

Mine was Cricket. As a kid of the 80’s, Cricket was the most amazing doll ever when she hit the market in 1986:

I remember begging for months and my parents kept telling me she was too expensive. And then that year, we went out to look at the Christmas lights and when I came home, there she was. I remember opening the door and hearing an unfamiliar voice. I went into our living room to see who was there and Cricket was on the couch, talking to me. It was one of the most magical moments of my childhood, and I wish I’d kept my doll to let my kids see her.

This year, my kids asked for art supplies, anime stuff (for my oldest), and an iPad or iPhone (my 8-year-old… yeah, right, kid). I’m done with my holiday shopping, and I think I did pretty well for them this year. I think they’ll all three love what Santa is bringing them, too. I made my list, and I doubt I’ll get anything on it, but it’s nice to dream.But hey, I’m getting new furniture tomorrow, so I’d say that’s a pretty awesome “gift”, wouldn’t you?

So tell me in the comments: What’s Santa bringing your kids this year? And what was the most epic gift you ever received from Santa, yourself? I’m curious to hear everyone’s answers! And in case you’re not done yet, click the link below to see some of the top kid picks for Christmas gifts this year!


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