My Christmas Wishlist

Every year, I have people asking me what I want for Christmas and usually I can’t think of a single thing I just have to have. And wouldn’t you know, this year I probably won’t receive a single thing I didn’t buy for myself, what with my upcoming divorce and all, but I do have a list of things I’d love to have! So with the false hope that maybe some overly generous millionare will see my post and send me something to brighten my holiday, here’s what I want for Christmas this year:

A Cricut Explore

I would love to be able to design and sell my own t-shirts, personalized tumblers, and other cool stuff. The machine is expensive at $239 for the bundle, but I could do SO much with one I’m almost tempted to start a GoFundMe to try to get myself one.


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Coloring Book

OMG, how cool is this?! I have been a diehard fan of BtVS since its second season was on, first-run, and it’s still one of my very favorite TV shows of all time. Coloring is fun and helps to reduce stress, so I would absolutely love to reduce stress and create some art with this bad boy.


A Central Perk Coffee Mug

I freaking LOVE “Friends”! In my opinion it’s one of the best TV shows ever made, and I would gladly sit and watch reruns of it all day every day. I collect coffee mugs, and while I have another “Friends” mug I like, this one would be a great addition to my collection, since it’s actually got the Central Perk logo on it! So fun!


A Lens Mug

The photographer in me LOVES cute photography-related gifts! I used to have a smaller lens mug, but it got left in the car with coffee in it and molded, so now I need a new one. I love to be able to Β take my coffee or even some soup on the go with these insulated mugs, and it’s even more fun when it looks like you’re drinking out of a very expensive camera lens. πŸ˜‰


A New Computer Chair

I spend a LOT of time at my computer. My job as a graphic designer and photographer (not to mention blogger!!) demands long hours at my desk, which means I really need to have something supportive and comfortable to sit on while I’m there. I’ve been using one of my kitchen chairs for the longest, but the older I get- at the risk of sounding geriatric- the worse it hurts my back to sit for long periods in this chair. I’d love one like the one pictured above, or maybe one of those cool mesh ones.


The Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers

I wouldn’t be me without wishing for some kind of awesome makeup product, and since the Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe collection was a bust, according to a couple of my friends (which was really sad to hearΒ ’cause I was dying for that eggnog scented palette), I want this little slice of heaven. I’m almost out of both of my holy grail bronzers from Too Faced, and they are not cheap, so this would be an amazing gift that would surely leave me squealing like a 16-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

So yeah, those are some of the things on my list this year! I doubt I’ll get any of them, since most everyone I know is broke as a joke, but it’s fun to dream!

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Is there anything in particular you’re just dying to have? Let me know in the comments below!

To shop the items above for me or for yourself, just click the pictures included in the post! And if you get any of these items, let me know how awesome they are in the comments below!



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9 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. You deserve a little something for Christmas and I do hope you receive it. I am wishing for a coloring book journal. I would love some new dress shoes or tennis shoes. The fan girl in me would like either Superman socks or Arrow shirt.

    1. I will probably have to buy myself something “from” the kids, truth be told. And I can’t really afford anything on this list except maybe the coloring book, so…. LOL
      Hopefully you will get something nice from hubby and the girls! πŸ™‚

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