I’m Not Politically Correct

So…. this post is not going to be about that kind of political correctness. When it comes to being politically correct in regards to how I refer to others or my beliefs on constitutional rights, I’m very politically correct. This is just a little play on words that has to do with another kind of political correctness.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and probably even then), you know that this year’s presidential nominees are less than thrilling. It has been nothing short of a shitshow, with all the mud-slinging and he said/she said going on.

I really, really hate politics. I honestly avoid it as much as I can because I am not up to speed on all the details of stuff, you know? I read enough and watch the news enough to know what’s going on and what each candidate stands for, but I don’t watch the debates and I don’t follow every single thing because a) I don’t care enough and b) I don’t have the time. I’d much rather be reading about which cosmetics companies are coming out with the best deals for the holiday season. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

I don’t post a lot of political stuff on social media because I think politics brings out the ugly in people. I have seen some truly horrible stuff that shocked me to my core about people I really like and care about, and it’s changed the way I see them. Which is sad, ’cause it sucks to find out that someone you really liked is a closeted (or maybe not so closeted) bigot or sexist asshole. Also, as I said before, I don’t know all the details of everything that’s been going on with all these candidates, so I definitely have no business debating someone about the policies and platforms and all that crap, which brings me back to the title of this post: I’m politically incorrect. Which, in this case, means that I don’t always know all the facts. Debating only brings out the worst in people, IMO, and it’s just not something I want to do on social media. If I say something wrong and someone calls me on it or tries to make me look stupid for it, it only pisses me off andĀ brings out the redneck crazy I try to keep hidden until someone insults my family or messes with my kids. It’s to easy for some people to become a keyboard warrior and forget that they’re talking to someone they consider a friend, and then friendships are ruined and you’re left picking up the pieces and trying to calm down so the next time you see them in public, you’re not aching to throat punch them. Or is that just me??

I know it’s important to vote, and you should definitely educate yourself enough to know why you want to vote for your chosen candidate. If you’re like me and get confused about where everyone stands and don’t really know who you want to vote for, go to a site like ISideWith.com and take the quiz to see who you most closely agree with. You may surprise yourself; I know I sure did! It has really helped me to better understand who stands for what and why, and it’s helping me narrow down my choice to the person I think will be best for the job.

I’m not saying publically who I’m voting for. Frankly because it’s no one else’s business who I vote for, but also to keep the haters from posting stupid shit and ugly comments. And please, don’t be a hater. If your friend posts something you don’t agree with on social media, ignore it and just keep scrolling- don’t post some nasty comment or meme designed to make them feel stupid for having an opinion. I absolutely abhor Donald Trump, but I’m not on a witch hunt to find all my friends’ pages who support him and post ugly shit on their page, you know? But just because I hate Donald Trump doesn’t automatically mean I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton either, which a lot of people assume and well… you know what happens when you ASSume…

Anyway, that’s how I feel about it all. A lot of people have asked why I haven’t been talking much about the election or the debates, and well… now you know.



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