Little Victories

Life hasn’t been the greatest in our house lately, which is why I find it even more important than usual to celebrate little victories. Things like accomplishing all the items on your To Do list in a day or managing to get through a day without spilling food on your clothes can be a big deal some days. It’s different for everyone, sure, but in our house, lately we’ve been celebrating the new words and milestones reached by my son, who is 3 and has autism.

Sawyer has been absolutely crushing it lately! He has not only learned the entire alphabet, but can also count to 100!! His therapists have set new goals for him twice within the last month and he’s met those goals and exceeded them already. We have begun potty training, which is a slow process so far since he seems to be terrified of the toilet, but even that is coming along- he’s used it 5 or 6 times now. I am so, so proud of him and how far he’s come within the last couple years. Yesterday, he was able to tell me what he wanted to watch on Netflix without having to go point to it on the screen, and I understood him perfectly. He struggles so much with speech, so when I asked him what he wanted to watch and he said “Omas”, that was pretty clear to me- he wanted to watch Thomas the Train! I was so happy I cried… So often, I struggle to understand him, and he and I both get frustrated. As his consonants come along, it will get better, but for now, I am over the moon to understand him a little better, day by day.

I have also been patting myself on the back for getting caught up on the laundry in our house, little by little. Trust me when I say our laundry room and master bedroom have been long overdo for a cleaning, and I’m slowly but surely making my way through all the clothes. I’m washing the ones we need to keep and put away, and organizing the ones we can no longer wear and need to be sold/donated so we can declutter. It’s not easy, as I’ve been getting some pretty gnarly migraines lately (more on that in a minute), but I’m doing it! YAY for getting stuff done!

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As I mentioned before, I’ve been getting some pretty bad migraines. It’s the time of the year; I know this because as I read back through my On This Day posts on Facebook (a feature I LOVE btw), I see that I’m usually sick around this time of year. I am usually suffering alone, but we’ve recently had Emily diagnosed as well. Poor thing… When I was pregnant with my kids, there were two things I prayed none of them would get: my heart condition, and my migraines. So far I’ve been so happy that none of the kids seem to have gotten my heart condition, but poor Emily has been unlucky enough to inherit my migraines, and they’ve really been taking a toll on her. The school nurse has had to call me several times to go get her, and we’ve had to fill out special paperwork so she can have her prescriptions that her doctor prescribed for her available at the school. I’m really grateful that they are willing to work with us to accomodate her so she doesn’t miss as much school but in the meantime I am stumped as to how to stop them. So now we play the game of figuring out what  her triggers are… I’m trying to drill into her brain that she needs to drink as much water as possible, get good rest, and never skip meals but she doesn’t seem to want to listen to me and take my advice. Imagine that…a teenage girl who doesn’t think her momma knows anything- despite my 20-something year history with migraines. Damn teenagers. *sigh*

Speaking of damn teenagers, Emily’s birthday is coming up soon. In less than a month she’ll be 14, and she’s wanting to plan a party. Funds are tight right now, but I want to find a way to let her have a cool party with her friends here, since she may not get to see them much anymore in a few more weeks. She is wanting a skating party, but that would be awkward because Sawyer wouldn’t be allowed on the floor without skates, and he obviously can’t skate, so one of us would probably have to stay home with him while the other went to the party. I offered up the idea of having a firepit and S’mores party in our backyard but she didn’t seem too crazy about that idea. I really don’t want us to have to split up for her party, though; that would suck for whoever stayed here.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. I am still researching jobs and rentals in my hometown, preparing to separate from my husband. For now we are still living in the same house, and getting along pretty well. He has been making a lot of effort to try to make me stay, and I appreciate that. My mother in law got us several of the 5 Love Languages books, as well as the “Fireproof” movie and accompanying book, so he’s been reading the books and we watched the movie together the other night for a “date night”. I am reading the original 5 Love Languages book right now, and it’s definitely got some interesting stuff in it that really makes you think about relationships and how things can go wrong. At this point, I’m not really feeling any different but who knows… I could still change my mind, right? Isn’t that what a separation is for?

So, yeah. That’s my life at the moment. Not all sunshine and roses, but I promised you guys brutal honesty, so there you go.

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