The Best Host for Your Blog

I am not new to the website game. In fact, I’ve had my own personal website since GeoCities was a thing (remember them?!), so trust me when I say that I know what makes a great host. Hosting providers are everywhere these days, and I am making it my responsibility to tell you about my favorite one… IPage!!!

Before I go any further, NO, this is not a sponsored post. I have been an iPage customer since 2011, and I’ve hosted a total of 5 different sites with them. After being hosted with iPage personally, and working with several other hosts for my business, I know there is not a single host out there that’s better than iPage.

For one thing, you get unlimited storage, which is a big deal- especially if you have a big site with a lot of pages and media. I remember when I was using one of my old hosts back in the day and I had to go through my folders and figure out what files could be deleted. Luckily, that site wasn’t a blog site. But imagine if you were having to pick and choose which blogs to delete or keep? How would that affect your SEO?

For another, the dashboard is completely user friendly. It’s so easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for!

iPage Dashboard |

Another thing I absolutely LOVE is that they have all these apps that you can click to add features to your site quickly and easily, such as free website builders, easy store set-up tools, and more. If you don’t have a WordPress site with plugins, these make it easy to get your site set up the way you need it.

Speaking of WordPress, they offer the WP Essential plan, which is a plan designed specifically for WordPress users to ensure that your site is fast and reliable. You also get automatic malware protection, and WordPress experts ready to help you whenever you need them. How cool is that?

WPEssential from iPage |

Another reason I love iPage is that their customer service is amazing. Anytime I’ve ever had any issues with any of my sites, I can go to their site and access a customer service representative by chat at any time of the day or night to help me resolve my issue. I love being able to get help when I need it and not having to wait!!

I seriously, seriously think iPage is the best there is. I have had tons of clients, friends, and even family members ask me over the years which is the best host for their blog or website, and I always tell them iPage, hands down. With all you get with your hosting, you really cannot go wrong. Unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts (great if you plan on hosting subsites!!), as well as awesome perks like advertising credits and other cool offers… iPage has all of that and then some.

Sign up today and get started building an awesome website or blog- some plans are just $1.99 per month! Also if you’re an EBates user, you will get $20 cash back for your hosting plan purchase. 😉

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