Life Update- Special

All moms think their kids are special. The moment they’re born (and even before), we see them as these perfect, angelic little things that we were given to grow and protect. And that’s exactly what they are: they’re all special and precious.

Since I don’t have my old entries from my old blog, I will recap a little bit… At the beginning of last school year, my youngest daughter’s teacher began contacting me almost daily to let me know that Caitlyn was struggling in school. I felt absolutely blindsided; Caitlyn had always been the model student for each of her other teachers, but suddenly she was too talkative, too distracted, and more. We began to see an increase in mood swings in Caitlyn, and she began to get more and more anxious and aggressive. In November of 2015, she was diagnosed with ADHD, and placed on medication. However the medication came with some really bad side effects and we chose to take her back off the medicine. A few more months went by and her anger issues were worse, as was her struggling to keep up in school. We ended up taking her to a child psychologist, who diagnosed her with DMDD, which is the childhood equivalent to bipolar disorder. At the same time as she was being tested for different disorders by the child psychologist, we were also having her tested at school to see if she had some sort of learning disability.

I went today for a meeting about the results of the tests from last year. As it turns out, Caitlyn does have some delays and qualifies for special education. She will need some special allowances in class in order to help her with each lesson, and thankfully her teachers and administrators seem very willing to implement whatever it takes to get Caitlyn caught up. We began the process today of getting an IEP in place for her, so hopefully soon she will receive more assistance at school to help her learn the best way possible.

At this point, I am relieved that we are getting the IEP set up for her. It will make things much easier down the road and it means that I was right about my concerns last year, in that the struggle she was having wasn’t entirely one thing or another, but a combination of things that came together in a perfect storm to make things hard for her. Now that we’re aware of what’s been going on with her and what her strengths and weaknesses are, everyone involved can do more to help her and hopefully make this year her best year yet.

This news comes at a very tumultuous time in my little family’s lives. I can’t say much right now because nothing is set in stone yet, but there are some very big changes coming for our family and reaching a resolution for Caitlyn takes one thing off the table, so I am grateful for that.

The next few months are going to be chaotic and emotional for me and our little family. There’s going to be a lot going on, but I will try my best to update and keep up with the tempo I’ve set for myself here on BrittFaced. As always, I promise to be as honest and open as I can, so I hope if my emotions come spilling out into the blog, y’all don’t get sick of me.

For now, I have a lot to do in my house today, so I need to go. Stay tuned to the site and blog for a new product review coming soon!!

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