JANE Cosmetics is Coming Back!!!

Girls of the 90’s, I know y’all remember Jane Cosmetics:

Jane Cosmetics Display | brittfaced.com

I used to absolutely LOVE Jane makeup. I wore the hell outta Haywire, this beautiful brown lipstick they sold:

Jane Lipstick in Haywire | brittfaced.com

Well apparently, Jane is coming back!! After re-reading an old Buzzfeed article about 90’s cosmetics, I Googled them out of curiousity and found this:

Jane Cosmetics Website | brittfaced.com

Holy cow, this is awesome!! I will be so excited to try out their new line of cosmetics. And, of course, if Haywire makes it back into their line, I will have to buy a tube for old times’ sake. 😉

Back in the day, Jane Cosmetics were sold at Walmart; I don’t remember ever seeing them anywhere else. However, I haven’t seen anything about them coming back to stores; their website only says “Coming Soon”. Apparently the new line will be launching in early 2017.

Have you ever tried Jane Cosmetics?? If so, what was your favorite product?


3 thoughts on “JANE Cosmetics is Coming Back!!!

  1. Actually, they HAD been back for a little while before this. I found their eyeshadow (love their Lotus and Heather shadows) at Ulta and then at Peebles. Their website had been up and running as recent as earlier this summer. Ulta quit carrying their stuff a good while ago and when I stopped at Peebles to pick up another Lotus shadow in July, their stock was almost gone. I figured that was it for Jane…. Once again…. I don’t know how they expect to remain in business when their product is hard to find in stores and they’re constantly relaunching. I’m thinking I’m going to just find a new brand that is more consistent. A girl just doesn’t have time to be constantly searching for her favorite shades and this constant scavenger hunt Jane sends us on is beyond old.

    1. Oh, cool! I hadn’t seen them around in years, so I was really excited to hear that they’re coming back. I think this time it’s more about the fact that they’re rebranding. But yeah, it’s not going to be good for business for them to keep moving their product around so people don’t know where to get it from.

  2. Haywire was my shade too LOL. I wore it for all of my ASB card pictures from 7th-9th grade! I think about it all the time and hope it comes back!!


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