My Favorite Beauty Vloggers

YouTube is an enormous wealth of information, and thanks to site like it, we have seen the birth of vloggers: bloggers who choose to use videos instead of written “entries” about their topic of choice.

I have always loved makeup and beauty products, but I have to admit that sometimes I have not done a great job of using those products to their full potential. Enter YouTube. Once I discovered that I could search for and find tons of beauty tutorials from people around the world who really know their shit when it comes to makeup and beauty, I was sold. I started watching tutorials to help me learn how to do a proper winged eyeliner, apply liquid foundation, and to use different colors and application techniques to get different makeup looks.

Here are my top favorite beauty vloggers, and why I love them:

Desi Perkins
my favorite beauty vloggers |

Desi was one of the first beauty vloggers I started watching, after finding her amazing Halloween tutorials. Her application techniques are flawless, and I never cease to be amazed at how beautiful her looks are.

My Favorite Beauty Vloggers |

I found Katy, aka Lustrelux, when looking for how to apply false lashes. It also just so happens that she is BFFs with Desi (witness their hilarious No Mirror Makeup Challenge video). I love Katy because she’s got a goofy sense of humor and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

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I absolutely love Shae! Her bubbly personality is one reason I keep watching, but also because she’s not always doing the same types of tutorials everyone else is doing. Shae loves to experiement with color, which I also love, and she’s sweet as pie to her fans.

Manny MUA
My Favorite Beauty Vloggers |

I came across Manny one day when he was listed in the “suggested videos” section of another YouTuber I follow. I was like “A dude that does makeup?? I gotta see this!” Manny is not only super hilarious, but amazingly talented. How many other men do you know that get their own makeup collection with a high-end makeup brand??

My Favorite Beauty Vloggers |

I first found Nikkie when her Power of Makeup video went viral all over Facebook. I was blown away by her transformation and skill in applying the makeup, and I have since fallen in love with her recreations of celebrity looks as well as her silly videos making fun of all the latest crazes in the makeup and social media world. Nikkie is absolutely amazing; her talent is phenomenal.

Wayne Goss
MY Favorite Beauty Vloggers |

Wayne Goss is one of the very first beauty vloggers I started following. I love Wayne’s channel because not only does he break everything down in super simple steps, but he tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to go against the trends.

Jaclyn Hill
My Favorite Beauty Vloggers |

I discovered Jaclyn Hill a little late in the game and I was sad I hadn’t been watching her all along. Jaclyn knows her shit when it comes to makeup and beauty products, for sure, and I love her infectious enthusiam for what she does. I also love watching her challenge videos; she’s always funny yet amazing at the same time!

Kathleen Lights
My Favorite Beauty Vloggers

I found Kathleen Lights about a year ago and I absolutely LOVE her. I wish I could be her friend ’cause she’s so fun and down to earth. Plus she loves “Friends” as much as I do- she even named one of her ColourPop eyeliners “Mr. Bing” after Chandler! 😉  Kathleen keeps it real by trying to use as many affordable makeup brands as possible, and she makes it her mission to find “dupes” of high-end products for her fans because she doesn’t want to only promote high end makeup on her channel. I have nearly all her collaborations with ColourPop, and I trust her opinions of products more than any other vlogger I watch.

So that’s it! Those are all my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube. There are others I subcribe to as well, but these are the ones I turn to when I am looking for new ideas or help with a new technique. Check them out and let them know I sent you! 😉

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