How to Save Money When Buying Beauty Products

I admit it; I have a little bit of an addiction when it comes to makeup and beauty products. It’ s funny, because I don’t leave my house a whole lot through the week so I kinda feel like I shouldn’t need all this makeup. However, doing my makeup always has and probably always will be one surefire way to make me feel better about myself, so I love to buy new makeup and play around with new colors and looks.

When I was younger, my makeup collection existed purely of “drugstore” makeup, such as Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Revlon. If you couldn’t find it at WalMart, I probably didn’t own it. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve been branching out into some of the more high end makeup brands I’ve always wanted to try, and -OMG- I have found some truly amazing products. I’ve fallen completely in love with Urban Decay and Too Faced, as well as discovering amazing brands like theBalm, ColourPop, Morphe, and tarte. However, even though my taste in products has become a little more expensive, our budget is still as small as it ever was, so I have to be careful when buying makeup. I am proud to say that very little of my high end makeup was purchased at full-priced, yet all of it came brand new in the original packaging. How did I manage this? Let me share my secrets…

  1. Use Ebates.
    Ebates is my number 1 way to save money- not just with makeup, but with everything I buy online. I do a lot of shopping online and I have not online installed the Ebates app on my phone, but I also use the Ebates plugin on my browser to help me save money when I visit different websites. I may use coupon codes and promotions to save money at the time I’m shopping, but then I actually get money back in my Ebates account from the purchase as well! Every few months I get a payment from Ebates, and hose payments get deposited directly to my PayPal account (but you can also opt to receive a paper check). Those payments might not seem like they’ll mean much when you see that you’ve earned 4% cash back, but those small amounts add up and I’ve received some amazing payouts before! So next time you get ready to shop online (especially right now with all these back to school sales going on!), use Ebates! You’ll get some of your money back and then you can use it for more stuff! 🙂 Want to join? Click here!
  2.  Look for retailers that specialize in resale or discount shopping.
    I am a member of a lot of different sites that resell products for big named brands. Kinda like   Overstock, but not marketed as overstock sites, websites and apps like HautelookPoshmark,  Zulily, and Tophatter sell brand new makeup at a fraction of the cost. Some of them also sell gently used makeup that’s been sterilized by the seller (like Poshmark). It’s a great way to get some amazing makeup. For instance, I got the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which retails for $40, for just $12 on Tophatter!!
  3. Sign up for subscription boxes.
    I used to be a member of Ipsy, but  after a few months of getting products that were a little too similar, I joined Boxycharm on the advice of a friend and haven’t looked back. While Boxycharm is a little more expensive than some subscription boxes, I think it’s totally worth it. I pay just $21 a month and each month the box comes with 5 full-sized items for me to sample and try. It’s an awesome way to discover new brands and products, and still add to your makeup collection. For instance, this month I received a full size OFRA Pro Palette, which retails for $50 on its own, in addition to 4 other amazing full-sized “samples” for me to try and review. Another awesome thing that I love about Boxycharm is that just for writing reviews of the products each month, I get Charms, which can be used as money in the Charm shop on the Boxycharm website. I’ve been able to cash in my points for awesome things from high end brands such as tarte, Coastal Scents, and Starlooks. But even if you don’t want to try Boxycharm, there are tons of other programs out there for you, such the ones mentioned in Allure. Which brings me to….
  4. Use referral programs.
    If any of the sites you use to shop has a referral program, use it! We all love spreading the word when we have tried a new fabulous product or website we love, so why not get rewards for it? Ulta has an awesome referral program, as does Ebates. There are tons of others, too, but the point is that when you refer your friends and family and they sign up on the site, you can earn either points toward a reward, or even cash rewards. I’ve been able to get cash rewards by referring friends and family to Ebates, and Ulta gives money to both the referrer and the referree ($10 off a $30 purchase).
  5. Use reward programs, too!
    Even if your favorite site doesn’t have a referral program, chances are they have a rewards program in place. For instance, I get points toward my Beauty Insider account when I shop on, so then I can cash those points in toward free samples of new stuff I want to try. I recently cashed in points to try out the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (which I LOVE!), so I was really excited to be able to try a normally expensive product for free!

So that’s it- those are my secrets! I’m sure there are more ways to save money when shopping for makeup online, but these are my tried and true tricks for stretching my budget and still being able to get high end products.

I hope these tips were helpful! If not, share in the comments how you save money when you’re shopping online!

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